Friday, December 12, 2014

My article was the "Rosetta Probe Discovers Organic Molecules on Comet." It was really interesting because this could help the Scientist prove so many things.  This could be a major break through because if there can be life on a comet who knows where else there can be life.

The probe landed on the surface if a comet and has discovered organic molecules, the building blocks of life.  An instrument aboard the Philae lander derected the molecules in the comet's atmosphere .  A compound is one whose molecules contain the carbon atom, the basis of life on Earth.  Scientist are analyzing the data to see weather the organic compound detected by Philae are simple.  A drill on Philae also obtained some material from the comet's hard surface.  A study of the comet's organic materials "will help us to understand whether organic molecules were brought by comets to the early earth," which could have kick-started life here. Researchers had expected to fine some sort of molecule on the comet but not what they did find. "We are very confident that in coming months we will get more information."

I thought it was really cool and amzing that life can almost be anywhere.  That means life can be on plantes and other forms like that.  That means that we could one day live on different planets.